Hail Mary Mother of All: Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild Deck Review

Truthfully, despite my witchy and woo-woo beliefs, I am still a Catholic. Okay, hold your pre-conceived notions of organized religion before throwing it my way. I am a Catholic who loves Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, but I am also super open-minded in the New Age/Esoteric movement. Yes, these two have contradicting values that I both agree and disagree on, but I firmly believe that these two concepts (for a lack of a better term) value spiritual healing and connection regardless of their faults. Now that I’ve said my piece on the matter, I would like to freely express my thoughts on Alana Fairchild’s Mother Mary Oracle.

IMG_1102Mother Mary and I have a strong connection ever since I was a child because we share the same birthday (I know that some of you might argue that the accuracy of this might not be correct and I honestly don’t care). In fact, all throughout my stay at the Catholic school I’ve attended, we have celebrated this day with a special flower offering. Guess who was always the one who represented his class. I think this is one of those ceremonial activities that truly connected me with the Holy Mother. Since then I have always looked up to her as a loving and caring mother-figure in my life, which is why when I was on the lookout for my very first oracle deck, I knew that the Mother Mary Oracle was the one!

IMG_1104The Mother Mary Oracle deck was conceptualized by Alana Fairchild, a prominent oracle deck creator with a multitude of projects under her name, illustrated by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, and published by Blue Angel Publishing. Let me start off by saying that the artworks in this deck are gorgeously rendered and breathtakingly diverse. I have to give Shiloh Sophia McCloud props for her stunning contribution to this because each and every image is vibrant and truly evocative. I adore the fact that Mother Mary was represented in different skin tones and shapes that makes it accessible to everyone.


Look at all those different faces, skin tones, and shapes…
I also adore how Alana and Sophia were able to bring maternal energies into this deck.

IMG_1108The Mother Mary Oracle Guidebook written by Alana Fairchild is just spectacular! The first few chapters focused on how this deck came to be, how the cards and book can be used, and two different spreads suggestions. I love the story she told in Introduction of the book because it showed me Mother Mary’s reach in cultures I haven’t even considered before. Honestly, I haven’t read each and every entry on each card, but from the few that I have seen, I’m duly impressed by how powerful Alana Fairchild’s words are. Every card is accompanied by a message written as if Mother Mary was talking to you, a description of the deeper meaning of the persona represented in the card, and a “Healing Process and Affirmation” part that is just cathartic and spiritually uplifting. This guidebook can actually be used separately from the deck. You can actually randomly (or not) select a page and read the passages from that card and it will still work its healing.

Such gorgeous back design!

Oracularly speaking, I honestly haven’t used this deck in this sense that much. Personally, I reach for this deck for affirmative and healing reasons and it has worked wonders so I do admit that I’m not using its full potential. However, I am always guided by my intuition and the Blessed Virgin whenever I use the cards and reading it is so therapeutic that I really don’t mind it at all.

It does go without saying that this deck will not be for everyone and I understand it. However, I highly recommend the Mother Mary Oracle deck if you’re looking for a feminine, motherly, and comforting oracle you can come to.

Do you guys own a copy of the Mother Mary Oracle deck? What are your own thoughts about it? Please share them by commenting down below.

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