The main reason why I wanted to offer my skill in interpreting the tarot’s messages is to help people achieve clarity on whatever issue or situation they are in and eventually achieve self-empowerment in the process. To build a certain rapport, I would like to present my professional policies and ethics:


  • All readings/sessions are done for entertainment purposes only. In certain jurisdictions it is essential for tarot readers, whose practices legally fall under the “fortune-telling or divination” category, to disclose that such readings are for the purposes of entertainment. Despite this clause I do carry out your readings with tremendous care, respect, and reverence because tarot is a big part of my spiritual practice and expression.
    • Even though I encourage you to treat the reading as such, please know that I do take your questions and your concerns seriously and that my readings aim to always help you in any way that it can.
  • My tarot sessions should only be used for deep reflection, spiritual awareness, and personal development.
  • I am not a predictive tarot reader/fortune teller. I honestly believe that the future is not set in stone, which is why I focus primarily on your past and present when reading your cards. I honestly don’t have the gift of second sight to be able to actually foretell events, so please keep that in mind.
  • I use the tarot as a way to analyze past and present influences in order to help you gain a different perspective into a situation. My style of interpreting the cards is heavily based on my extensive knowledge of the system mixed with intuition in order to offer compassionate yet candid messages for you to consider.
  • I am not qualified to dish out financial, legal, medical, or marital counsel to you. I do not provide legal, medical, financial, marital, or other professional/licensed advice. It is always best to consult with a professional specialist when it comes to financial, legal, medical, or marital issues.
    • I will not accept any inquiries involving one’s physical health. I am not a medical intuitive and I don’t have the proper training to give out specific health advice.
  • I will not be held responsible for any actions or events (whether man-made or Acts of God) that will transpire after a tarot session with me. It is your choice if you want to follow the advice given to you or not. All of the actions/counsel received in the session are not guaranteed solutions to your problems.
  • The readings I offer will be centered on you. It is possible that my reading can touch upon external forces that might be influencing the situation, but the advice you’ll receive from me will be focused on you.
    • I don’t do third-party readings (you inquiring about another person or asking on their behalf) because it is against my personal code of ethics to interfere with someone else’s life without their consent and active participation.
  • I want you to feel safe with my services. I do not intend to offend or judge my clients in any manner with my tarot readings.


  • All readings will be delivered ONE WEEK after the receipt of payment.
  • All sessions with me are non-refundable.
  • Follow-up questions that are not-related to an on-going reading will need a separate booking.
  • I have a right to decline a reading request, especially if I see that the question or intention does not comply with my policies and/or personal ethics.
  • I strongly uphold client-confidentiality in my practice. I ensure that all of the details presented in this service are between you (my client) and me. It is up to you whether you want to share your readings with others or not (referrals for my services will be highly appreciated).
    • Testimonial statements will be shared only with your full consent.
  • Updates, changes, and modifications in these Policies can be done at any time.

I expect that you uphold and respect the boundaries I have made here. Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you.

AS Signature Official