Don’t Let Anyone Touch Your Cards: Myth Busting No. 6

Deck: The Quirky Creatives Tarot

There’s this ongoing narrative that surrounds the tarot that makes it supernatural, as if the cards themselves contain magic that affects a person’s circumstance. In line with this way of thinking some people believe the reader is the only one that can touch their cards because the “magic” in the deck will be lost otherwise. In this Myth Busting post, I share my opinion regarding this idea and explain why it should be a personal preference rather than a hard-and-fast rule.

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Tarot Predicts the Future: Myth Busting No. 4

Featured Deck: Playing Marseille by Ryan Edward

Author’s Note: This Myth Busting post will differ from the others in a sense that it’s not busting a wild concept surrounding the tarot. I, myself, do use the cards for divination or in a “fortune-telling” manner and have seen the benefits of this long-standing tradition. For the sake of transparency, I wanted to make it clear that I am not condemning using the cards in this way nor to impose the use of it on you. Take what resonates, and leave the rest behind.

Fortune-telling and tarot cards have been synonymous in the public’s consciousness for decades. If you ask a random person off of the streets what they thought of the tarot they would associate it with predicting the future. Is this myth legit or not? Let’s have a discussion about the history of this practice, the dilemmas it can pose, and a reframing of the concept itself.

How did the tarot became a fortune-telling tool?

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