Always Be Curious: Why Read Tarot with Curiosity?

At the start of my tarot journey, I always assumed that I can only be a proficient tarot reader once I memorised the keywords or phrases that were normally included in the little white book or LWB within a tarot pack. In my case, it was the LWB from the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West that I treated as the end-all-be-all of tarot knowledge, and even if my intuition was telling me something else I would ignore it because of being “wrong.” Although there were several instances where these meanings resonated with my younger self, the majority of the reading felt flat. I eventually expanded my knowledge by reading different tarot books, which helped me recognise patterns of interpretations that I stored in my memory to use.

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Don’t Let Anyone Touch Your Cards: Myth Busting No. 6

Deck: The Quirky Creatives Tarot

There’s this ongoing narrative that surrounds the tarot that makes it supernatural, as if the cards themselves contain magic that affects a person’s circumstance. In line with this way of thinking some people believe the reader is the only one that can touch their cards because the “magic” in the deck will be lost otherwise. In this Myth Busting post, I share my opinion regarding this idea and explain why it should be a personal preference rather than a hard-and-fast rule.

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