Tarot for Guidance & Empowerment

Arcane Senses is home for collaborative tarot sessions that can help you gain clarity and guidance; ignite your creativity and self-expression; and empower you to be more of an active participant in your own life.

It is also a haven for reflections and writing regarding tarot, cartomancy, spirituality, and everything in between!

Be an explorer of the arcane and allow your intuitive senses to be your guide…

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Tarot is a tool that can help you explore your situation and yourself.

I believe that tarot is one of the best tools for truth-seeking and deep reflection. The images in the cards can represent universal aspects of our lives, from the extreme circumstances to the downright mundane. These hold potent and resonant truths and/or affirmations that can provide clarity, guidance, and a sense of empowerment in a person’s life, which I aim to do with my offerings.

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Don’t Let Anyone Touch Your Cards: Myth Busting No. 6

There’s this ongoing narrative that surrounds the tarot that makes it supernatural, as if the cards themselves contain magic that affects a person’s circumstance. In line with this way of thinking some people believe the reader is the only one that can touch their cards because the “magic” in the deck will be lost otherwise. … Continue reading Don’t Let Anyone Touch Your Cards: Myth Busting No. 6

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“The format and how the reading was packaged is extremely professional and very aesthetically pleasing. The design of everything was very clean and organized, much like your daily readings. I’d have to say everything was spot on, and though the question I gave you was very vague-you answered it in great detail while being concise. … Continue reading Annabee


“I shared your reading with a few close friends (who know me in different capacities) and they were all mind-blown by your interpretations. You really do have a gift of intuition, but I think your talent is especially buoyed by your respect of people and their genuine concerns. I appreciated the high-quality photographs of the … Continue reading Aldo


It is a very professional yet free-flowing experience. Difficult to put that into exact words, but the format, the way the reading was presented, your website and Instagram, are all very professional and beautifully done. The reading had great empathy, and I loved that you didn’t just took the meaning from some guidebook but let … Continue reading Jutta


I feel confirmed! Reassured. This reading helped me start to trust my intuition. I now am reassured and guided to dig deep and accept my feelings as they are. I have a lot of soul searching to do and the result of this reading was an inspiration to act. I made connections with every card … Continue reading Kayli

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