Arcane Senses’ Prologue

Arcane Senses' Prologue

This blog feels like stepping into the unknown! Deck: Smith-Waite Centennial Edition

Hi everyone, I’m Kevin and I have been reading tarot cards since I was thirteen years old (more or less). It all started when I stumbled upon a Tarot book in one of the local secondhand bookstore chains in the Philippines. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the book (currently, I don’t have access to my books so I won’t be able to show you guys) but it was such a pivotal piece of literature for me. It was my gateway to the magic of tarot. This is where I learned that the Death card didn’t actually mean literal death, but the transformative power of letting go of old habits. I was so enamored by the information and lovely images included in the book that it was love at first sight.

I can’t remember if it was months after I discovered that book or a full year, but I eventually asked my aunt (who’s awesome and super supportive) to buy me a tarot deck and a book of spells (this discovery of the tarot coincides with my Wiccan phase, by the way) at an online shop called Capricorn’s Lair in the States. Mind you that at the time e-commerce wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now and I deeply commend my aunt for this act of kindness, because I now know that transaction might have caused her a lot of money.

The very first tarot deck I got was Kipling West’s Halloween Tarot (which I don’t have with me currently) and I was so glad this was my starter pack. The imagery of the deck is so whimsical, fun, and child-like, which was appropriate for my age at the time.

Thankfully, my parents were supportive of my new hobby and I got to “tell fortunes” with it for my relatives and some dear friends. This solidified my love for this craft and despite taking long breaks from it due to school, I can safely say that this is one of my passion that will never go away.


I began to read for strangers and other people in 2017, where I decided to explore the idea of being more of a professional. I have been an ardent student of tarot and I wanted to challenge myself and my knowledge by opening up my skills to others. It was exciting and interesting to read for total strangers and have them tell me that my readings were spot-on. It boosted my confidence and from then on I totally owned up to my gifts and talents, which I am more than happy to share (feel free to check out my offerings).


I seriously don’t know if I’m fully equipped to be talking about Tarot at this point in my life, but I decided to take a cue from The Fool and just take that blind leap to the ravine. I just want to start off by saying that I am not by any means a total expert in this field of cartomancy. I have only studied the tarot for the past 12 years, but only as a hobby.

The main goal of this site is to help me get to know the cards on a personal and deep level. If any reader will resonate with what I write here, then I’m really happy that it helped in some way. If someone sees faults in what I wrote then I will give them that the right of having an opinion. One of the wonders of the tarot is its flexibility in terms of interpretations. Not all tarot enthusiasts will intuitively read a card the exact same way.

This is a platform where I cultivate my own understanding regarding this craft and I know that I won’t be able to do things right all the time. I am open to hearing feedback and I will honour my own shortcomings. However, I won’t allow anyone to take a nasty/disrespectful/condescending tone within this space. This is my way of seeking respect and maintaining my own dignity as a human being.

With all of that said, I hope that you will find value in what I write and share here in this platform. Thank you very much for your time.


How about you? How long have you been a student of the tarot? What was your very first deck? Please don’t forget to comment down below and let’s start a discussion.

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