Tarot Readings Should Be Free: Myth Busting No. 3

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The tarot always had a colourful history behind it. From its supposed Egyptian origins to its use by mystical fortune-tellers in vibrant caravans. An integral part of its history is the valuable exchange between the querent and the reader. We can assume that reading the cards have become a source of livelihood for many people in many cultures. This is why I firmly believe that providing tarot readings should have an equal exchange of some sort, whether be it monetary or otherwise.

Let’s face it, we live in a capitalistic world and we have to make a living in order to survive. A lot of people read cards as their main bread and butter, which is a beautiful thing. However, there had been a recent discussion (a rather heated one if I say so myself) within a small group in the tarot community regarding how tarot readings should always be free of charge. The debate riled up a lot of people because there were statements that devalued the importance of paid readings and tarot businesses in general.

In my honest opinion, there’s nothing wrong with charging for your skills and worth. Tarot reading is not different from cooking, crocheting, making jewelries, or any other creative venture. You can treat it as a hobby or you can turn it into a business, it’s totally up to you. However, the issue I have with this myth is the allusion that it should be free, which has an implication that it must be given to whoever  wants it without asking for anything in return. I have nothing against charity and goodwill, in fact if it fills your cup then by all means do it. Generosity in healthy dozes is amazing! However, there are people who strive to use their skills as a mean to earn a living and to dismiss their struggles and triumphs due to this misconception is just disrespectful.

This issue is not new in the community, in fact this is an ongoing conversation that might never be put to rest because it is deeply personal and subjective. This is the reason, why I struggled to call it a myth because it is connected to a person’s values. Both sides are valid in their own right because at the end of the day you do you. However, to demean the efforts of passionate and industrious tarot business owners without empathy is where this myth can become harmful.

How do you feel about this issue? Do you agree or disagree with tarot readings should be free? Please comment down below.

Author: Kevin

Writer | Cartomancer | Mundane Magician

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