Tarot Should Be Gifted: Myth Busting No. 2

Deck Featured: Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess

The tarot is such an arcane object that it has garnered a lot of superstitions, which to do this day still have weight in the thoughts and imaginations of the masses. The idea of receiving a tarot deck as a gift is one of these common beliefs that need to be debunked. It not only promotes unnecessary dependency on external factors, but it also gives away a person’s autonomy due to the false narrative that “the magic in the cards will be lost if it is not gifted to you.”

This ridiculous superstition, if taken seriously, will decrease the opportunities for anyone to discover and learn the wonderful benefits of this amazing tool. Let’s be real, what are the chances that someone will gift you a tarot deck? It’s not really an obvious choice for a present, am I right?

This idea might have been relevant in the 14th Century where card production is scarce and expensive, so you have to wait around for it to fall in your hands. However, that’s not the case now. There are a plethora of decks out there for all budgets (Note: Never ever buy bootlegs) and a wide range of resources for your studies. Why wait for some mysterious stranger or a magical relative to bestow it upon you? (Unless you asked them for it and they’re happy to buy you one, which is perfectly fine)

If you’re worried that the cards won’t work if you bypass this outdated thinking then newsflash: there’s no magic in the cards! Yes, I said it.

There’s nothing special about it other than the hardwork and craftsmanship of the creators, which by the way is no small thing. However, without your own basic understanding of the cards’ traditional meanings and your intuitive knowing, these are just beautiful art prints in deck form. You are the integral component in the divination process not the cards.

If you’ve been gifted a deck and it worked great then good for you! However, it’s not a prerequisite at all. If you’re interested to learn about it and you have the adequate funds to purchase an original deck then by all means do it. It’s time to finally put this misguided myth to rest.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you agree or disagree that people should be gifted their own decks?

Author: Kevin

Writer | Cartomancer | Mundane Magician

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