3 Benefits of an E-mail Tarot Reading

E-mail Tarot Readings

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Tarot readings have evolved so much through the decades. We are no longer just limited to getting readings through face-to-face interactions. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate and enjoy meeting people in the 3D world and having an actual conversation with them. However, remote readings (specifically e-mail tarot readings) have truly become my go-to avenue because a) I get to connect with a wider audience; b) It’s convenient to work on your readings in my own sacred and safe place; and c) it gives me a chance to go deeper into the reading than doing it live.

There are several ways of doing remote readings and I gravitate towards e-mail tarot readings. It’s my way of merging my passion for writing and my love for cartomancy! Aside from that I firmly believe that written readings have its own special benefits for the client, such as:

The insights are straight-forward and clear.

Since e-mail tarot readings are not live, the reader has a much more coherent way to transmute the messages. I find that whenever I write down my readings, I get to go in a flow state of channeling and then I can refine the information further to make it easier to take in for my clients.

It’s more digestable.

I find that e-mail tarot readings are easier to understand and grasp because the data is already laid out compared to listening to an audio or video recording (this is not a diss or anything, I love listening and viewing tarot readers too). Reading the intuitive insights on “paper” (literally or digitally) gives that tacticle feeling that helps process information easier.

My email tarot readings are designed to be easily digested while being detailed and descriptive with my intuitive downloads and knowledge of the cards. I particularly gave thought to how I designed the format of my PDFs so that my clients can easily read through it.

You have a written piece of output you can use as a reference.

You can easily print out your reading or keep it in your phone and access it whenever you want to be reminded of it. If you like to journal, an e-mail tarot reading can be customised to suit your needs. You can highlight the resonant messages and/or you can print out certain quotes from it. It gives you that sense of adaptability towards the way you take in information.

Also, if you are the sentimental type, having an email tarot reading is like having a snapshot of what you were going through at the time you requested and purchased your reading. You get to have a document that can take you down memory lane and remind you of what you have achieved or still need to achieve.

Remote readings (especially e-mail tarot readings) are still somewhat of a new thing for most people and apprehension over it is understandable. However, I honestly believe that an e-mail tarot reading is a tranformative and tactile way to receive intuitive insights, so try not to easily dismiss it.

If you are interested to experience an e-mail tarot reading firsthand, then you might want to check out my services and book a reading, here!

What are your thoughts on e-mail tarot readings? Do you find it easier to digest or not? Please do comment down below your thoughts surrounding it. Thank you!

Author: Kevin

Writer | Cartomancer | Mundane Magician

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