Tarot is a tool that can help you explore your situation and yourself.

I believe that tarot is one of the best tools for truth-seeking and deep reflection. The images in the cards can represent universal aspects of our lives, from the extreme circumstances to the downright mundane. These hold potent and resonant truths and/or affirmations that can provide clarity, guidance, and a sense of empowerment in a person’s life, which I aim to do with my offerings.

The cards can act as our vehicle to explore the known and unknown territories of your life.

Each session aims to…

  • Analyze the present moment to help you understand certain aspects that are unclear;
  • Uncover known and/or unknown patterns that are affecting you and/or the situation; and
  • Determine practical and actionable pieces of advice to help you enhance your perspective while giving you the freedom to follow it or not.

Are you ready to make magic?

Please look through the list of my services and see what feels right for you…

E-Mail Readings:

Through my soulful yet grounded interpretations of the cards, it is my goal to help you investigate the deeper contexts of your questions and/or situations.

Quick Glance

US$ 20.00

A quick yet profound tarot reading experience!

Ignite the spark

US$ 20.00

A reading that will start a conversation between you, the spark of inspiration, your inner critic, and your muse!

Note: It is not only exclusive to creative endeavours or business projects.

Cut to the chase

US$ 25.00

A straight-forward, no nonsense session that solely relies on reading the cards the old-fashioned way!

Let the Cards Speak

US$ 40.00

Don’t have a question in mind? Get ready for some spontaneous intuitive messages that’s still grounded and practical!

Arcane Exploration

US$ 55.00

Get your metaphorical diving gear ready because we will journey into the depths of your situation here.

Gentle Reminders:

It is crucial that you know me and my process and style, so that you are mindful of what you’re getting from this exchange. So before you book, please read through the following:

  • To learn more about yours truly, please go to my About page.
  • To know what I can and can’t do with the tarot and the strict ethical guidelines I follow as a reader, kindly read through my entire Ethics. This is a requirement before you can book a session with me, so please be guided accordingly.

Thank you and I look forward TO collaboratE with you!