Always Be Curious: Why Read Tarot with Curiosity?

At the start of my tarot journey, I always assumed that I can only be a proficient tarot reader once I memorised the keywords or phrases that were normally included in the little white book or LWB within a tarot pack. In my case, it was the LWB from the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West that I treated as the end-all-be-all of tarot knowledge, and even if my intuition was telling me something else I would ignore it because of being “wrong.” Although there were several instances where these meanings resonated with my younger self, the majority of the reading felt flat. I eventually expanded my knowledge by reading different tarot books, which helped me recognise patterns of interpretations that I stored in my memory to use.

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Smart Inquiry: 3 Tips in Asking the Tarot Questions

Featured Deck: The Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

Let’s face it, people are inclined to go to a divination practitioner (i.e. tarot reader) because they want to get some answers/information to certain questions on their minds. However, do we really think about the questions that we approach these tools with? It may sound a bit much to ponder about this, but asking the appropriate (or “right”) question can speak volumes to the quality of the reading you will gain.

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Flip It, Let’s Reverse It: How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards

Let’s face it, trying to learn and memorize seventy-eight meanings for each tarot card is very intimidating on its own. Adding another layer when the cards are upside-down can make a newbie (or even a seasoned practitioner) question why they even bothered to read the cards at all. Trust me, I have been in that position when I experimented with using reversals (or inversions) in the past few years. Frankly, I’ve had a very tumultuous relationship with it and, I admit, using reversals has become a mood of some sort for me. It comes and goes. With that said, let’s address the elephant in the room…

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