Tarot Should Be Gifted: Myth Busting No. 2

Deck Featured: Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess

The tarot is such an arcane object that it has garnered a lot of superstitions, which to do this day still have weight in the thoughts and imaginations of the masses. The idea of receiving a tarot deck as a gift is one of these common beliefs that need to be debunked. It not only promotes unnecessary dependency on external factors, but it also gives away a person’s autonomy due to the false narrative that “the magic in the cards will be lost if it is not gifted to you.”

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Tarot Cards are Evil: Myth Busting No. 1

Deck: Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess

Let’s face it when you say the word “tarot” people will commonly associate it as a demonic instrument or harbinger of evil. We can blame pop culture for its consistent exaggeration of the use of tarot readings (and anything “supernatural”) as an uninspired plot device and/or scare tactic, even in this day and age where tarot is becoming more mainstream.

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3 Benefits of an E-mail Tarot Reading

Featured Deck: CBD Tarot de Marseille by Yoav Ben-Dov

Tarot readings have evolved so much through the decades. We are no longer just limited to getting readings through face-to-face interactions. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate and enjoy meeting people in the 3D world and having an actual conversation with them. However, remote readings (specifically e-mail tarot readings) have truly become my go-to avenue because a) I get to connect with a wider audience; b) It’s convenient to work on your readings in my own sacred and safe place; and c) it gives me a chance to go deeper into the reading than doing it live.

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