Tarot Predicts the Future: Myth Busting No. 4

Featured Deck: Playing Marseille by Ryan Edward

Author’s Note: This Myth Busting post will differ from the others in a sense that it’s not busting a wild concept surrounding the tarot. I, myself, do use the cards for divination or in a “fortune-telling” manner and have seen the benefits of this long-standing tradition. For the sake of transparency, I wanted to make it clear that I am not condemning using the cards in this way nor to impose the use of it on you. Take what resonates, and leave the rest behind.

Fortune-telling and tarot cards have been synonymous in the public’s consciousness for decades. If you ask a random person off of the streets what they thought of the tarot they would associate it with predicting the future. Is this myth legit or not? Let’s have a discussion about the history of this practice, the dilemmas it can pose, and a reframing of the concept itself.

How did the tarot became a fortune-telling tool?

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