Pag-asa Lenormand

Pag-asa (pangngalan, noun) | pahg-ah-sah:

English translation: hope

“Ang paniniwala na mayroong kabutihang mangyayari.”

“Grounds for believing that something good may happen. (Oxford Languages)”

The Pag-asa (Hope) Lenormand is a 55-card deck that combines the mystical symbolism of the original Game of Hope deck with the vibrant culture of the Philippines. It is a celebration of the beauty and wonders of Filipino customs and lore through the lens of the Lenormand cards.

Price will vary on the seller you will be purchasing it from…

Features of the Standard Edition:

  • The 36 Original Lenormand images with Filipino influence printed on 2.25” x 3.5” linen finish card stock.
  • 2 gender-neutral Person Significator cards.
  • 16 additional iconic Filipino symbols that can be included in your readings.
  • a Grand Tableau Reading Instruction card.
  • an 8-sided accordion pamphlet of card meanings.
  • encased in a hinged tin box.