Pag-asa Lenormand

Pag-asa (pangngalan, noun) | pahg-ah-sah:

English translation: hope

“Ang paniniwala na mayroong kabutihang mangyayari.”

“Grounds for believing that something good may happen. (Oxford Languages)”

The Pag-asa (Hope) Lenormand is a 55 card deck that combines the mystical symbolism of the original Game of Hope deck with the vibrant culture of the Philippines. It is a celebration of the beauty and wonders of Filipino customs and lore through the lens of the Lenormand cards.

The entire deck is composed of: 

  • The 36 Original Lenormand images with Filipino influence printed on 2.25” x 3.5” linen finish card stock.
  • 2 gender-neutral Person Significator cards.
  • 16 additional iconic Filipino symbols that can be included in your readings.
  • a Grand Tableau Reading Instruction card.
  • an 8-sided accordion pamphlet of card meanings.
  • encased in a hinged tin box.

Make your divinatory practice more fun with the Pag-asa (Hope) Lenormand!