Tarot Readings Should Be Free: Myth Busting No. 3

Featured Deck: Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by UUSI Design Studio

The tarot always had a colourful history behind it. From its supposed Egyptian origins to its use by mystical fortune-tellers in vibrant caravans. An integral part of its history is the valuable exchange between the querent and the reader. We can assume that reading the cards have become a source of livelihood for many people in many cultures. This is why I firmly believe that providing tarot readings should have an equal exchange of some sort, whether be it monetary or otherwise.

Let’s face it, we live in a capitalistic world and we have to make a living in order to survive. A lot of people read cards as their main bread and butter, which is a beautiful thing. However, there had been a recent discussion (a rather heated one if I say so myself) within a small group in the tarot community regarding how tarot readings should always be free of charge. The debate riled up a lot of people because there were statements that devalued the importance of paid readings and tarot businesses in general.

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Tarot Should Be Gifted: Myth Busting No. 2

Deck Featured: Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess

The tarot is such an arcane object that it has garnered a lot of superstitions, which to do this day still have weight in the thoughts and imaginations of the masses. The idea of receiving a tarot deck as a gift is one of these common beliefs that need to be debunked. It not only promotes unnecessary dependency on external factors, but it also gives away a person’s autonomy due to the false narrative that “the magic in the cards will be lost if it is not gifted to you.”

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Tarot Cards are Evil: Myth Busting No. 1

Deck: Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess

Let’s face it when you say the word “tarot” people will commonly associate it as a demonic instrument or harbinger of evil. We can blame pop culture for its consistent exaggeration of the use of tarot readings (and anything “supernatural”) as an uninspired plot device and/or scare tactic, even in this day and age where tarot is becoming more mainstream.

I think the tarot’s bad reputation stemmed from the religious indoctrination most of us have had regarding divination and the occult. If it’s not in alignment with the dogma and beliefs of the faith then it is deemed dangerous and/or sinful.

Frankly speaking, a tarot deck is just a bunch of cardboard pieces with pretty art on them which is harmless in itself (unless you get a papercut). It’s the power we project to these tools that make them magic. If you strongly believe that the tarot is evil and you don’t even consider any other point of view, then you will believe it as such. That is how powerful our perceptions can be and the sad thing is our points of views may not be in alignment with each other.

That’s why it is always crucial to educate yourself and to have an open-mind when approaching things that we don’t understand. If you are curious to learn more about the tarot, but you can’t shake off the prejudice regarding it then here are a few things to keep in mind:

🌾 The cards can act as your mediator between you and the divine. It can be a powerful spiritual tool in your arsenal and it can work in tandem with your faith. If you’re a Christian, I highly recommend Brittany (@blessed.vigil) work in merging the tarot and Christian philosophy.

🌾 The cards can be a tool for healing rather than divination or fortune-telling. I use this tool as a means to better understand myself and my situation rather than to predict what’s to come. It’s not a replacement for professional therapy, but it can help you sort out your thoughts and emotions by using the connection we see in the imagery and interpretations of the cards.

🌾 Each card in the deck can reflect our realities, even the scary cards (i.e The Devil, Death, etc.) As dramatic as these cards may sound, they can mirror what we experience in our daily lives (yes, even The Devil card).

I hope that what I wrote here resonates with you. If it helped realize that there’s nothing to be scared of then I’ve achieved my goal. If you still believe that the tarot is evil or that it’s ungodly, then all I can do is respect your belief and ask you to respect mine.

What are your thoughts regarding this topic? Please share them down below!