Heartfelt Reading


$20.00 (USD)

Have you ever struggled to find that intimate connection with yourself?

Do you find it hard to manifest the romance that you have been searching for?

Are you experiencing difficulties in your current relationship with your partner?

Did you just go through a massive heartbreak that you can’t seem to bounce back from and you want a little bit of clarity?


Are you curious to know how you can better cultivate a more caring relationship with your loved ones (romantic and/or platonic-alike)?

If you can relate to one (or more) of these scenarios then you might find some solace in this special offer! Introducing the Heartfelt Reading, a limited online tarot reading experience that caters to heart-centered inquiries.

What is this reading all about?

The Heartfelt Reading is a special tarot session that uncovers…

  • Certain blocks you might have on how you love yourself;
  • How you can better understand your perspective regarding your relationships; and
  • Provide advice that could help to either manifest the love that you need or give you actionable advice for you to care for your current relationships in the best way possible.

This is NOT…

  • a predictive or fortune-telling reading of the logistics (when, where, what, how, and/or who) of your romantic life.
  • going to validate the feelings of someone about you.
  • going to tell you about your soulmate or twin flame.

This IS…

  • an action-oriented reading that attempts to help you achieve self-empowerment and self-love through my interpretations of the cards.
  • for people that are open to considering new ways of thinking about their relationships with themselves and/or other people, which includes significant others, partners, friends, and/or chosen family members.

This particular reading doesn’t need a specific question due to the nature of the 3-Card spread I’ll be using. Instead, it will dish out the appropriate advice based on your heart’s desire:

  • Self-Love (focuses on how you can create a loving relationship with yourself)
  • Romance Manifestation (focuses on how you can shift your mindset on finding romantic love)
  • Partnership Medicine (focuses on how you can better cultivate love into your relationship with your partner)
  • Healing from Heartbreak (focuses on how you can begin your healing process)
  • Friendship Analysis (focuses on understanding certain dynamics in your friendship)
  • Family Bonds (focuses on working towards a more harmonious relationship with your chosen family)

Reading’s Availability Timeline: It will be up until February 28, 2021! I will only accept two bookings per week.


a detailed PDF write-up of your tarot reading with high-quality photos of the cards.
A high-quality photo of the overview spread for your reference
Good juju
and lots of passion and good juju!


  • Please prepare only one (1) question per booking. For more details regarding asking question, please read my “Smart Inquiry” blog post.
  • All prices are final.
  • Before availing any of my offerings, you need to read my MANIFESTO page to know my personal values and boundaries as a card reader.
  • Due to my schedule, I will only be catering two bookings per week. so I will inform you whether your request made the cut or if we have to push it to the following week.


If you have decided that this reading suits you please follow the steps to book a reading:

Step 1: Kindly fill out this intake form:

Step 2: Please wait for a confirmation e-mail and a request for payment via Paypal to be sent to your chosen e-mail’s inbox.

Step 3: Pay the specified amount to finalize your booking!

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I am looking forward to collaborating with you soon.Blessings,

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